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Project Success.

Today's enterprises depend on quality project management to complete projects on schedule and within budget. Today's serious project managers depend on award-winning CA-SuperProject. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

CA-SuperProject is ideal for all types of projects and is easy to get started with. Just as important, CA-SuperProject is easy to stay with since it has power you won't outgrow. It provides the accuracy, flexibility and communication you require. And, its availability and file compatibility under Windows, OS/2, UNIX/Sun, DOS and VAX/VMS make it practical for today's growing multi-platform environments.

Easy To Use.

CA-SuperProject's intuitive and breakthrough designs make it easy to use whether you are an occasional or daily user.

The Help Assist mode provides continuous, context-sensitive bubble help for all fields. Five planning modes help you work with just the information relevant to the current stage of your project.

All views and charts are interactive. Create tasks and dependencies, adjust durations and start dates, promote and demote in the outlines, roll-up or roll-down detail and more with a click of the mouse.

Keep multiple projects open and switch among them with convenient Project Tabs. Apply a new look to all or part of a view or report with a click on a Layout Tab.

Double-click on a task, resource or assignment for a Pop-Up Form that offers all related data for viewing and editing.

Work comfortably thanks to multilevel Undo, and spell checking with a custom dictionary.

A configurable tool bar, customizable preferences, one-click drill-down to detail views, and free-form notes for every task and assignment help make everyday work a breeze.

An interactive tutorial covers all major topics in CA-SuperProject, and the unique Project Manager's Assistant gives step-by-step guidance, customizable notes and automation through all major project management procedures-using your own data.

"The enhanced interface including the new project and layout tabs makes it easy for us to use."

Mitchell Claborn

Unique Outline Views.

CA-SuperProject's wealth of views help you to clearly understand, analyze and manage all aspects of your project.

The unique four outline views present project data from the valuable perspectives of tasks, resources, dates and accounts.

Each outline allows flexible roll-up and full control of columns, rows, selection and sorting. Especially informative are the Gantt charts, histogram charts and crosstabs that integrate into the outlines and their special perspectives.

Powerful crosstabs break out costs, hours and materials by day, week, month, quarter, year, resource or account, generating up to four comparative columns per period, with periodic or cumulative values.

Ninety user-defined fields and user-defined formulas help you customize to meet your special business needs.


The Calendar views present a wealth of information in a format everyone is used to. Click on a Calendar Tab to change between the Project Calendar and each Resource's Calendar.

The customizable color system highlights each day's scheduling status for the project or resource. Discover at a glance which days have no scheduling, light scheduling, are fully scheduled, scheduled for overtime, overscheduled, as well as weekends, project holidays, resource holidays and more.

Task bars on the Calendars display scheduling-drag the bars to adjust task start dates or durations.

Gantt And Histogram Charts.

Customize Gantt charts with dependency diagramming, complete symbol control, bar labels, control of timescale, positioning, date titles, grid lines, grouped and benchmarked milestones and more.

Use the powerful histograms to chart costs, resource availability, resource use, materials, or inventory over time for any task, summary heading, resource, resource group, account or the project. Chart up to seven fields simultaneously, using seven chart types, choose whether data is cumulative or perodic, and display totals.

PERT, WBS And OBS Charts.

Use PERT charts to diagram precedence relationships, Work Breakdown charts to diagram the structure of project deliverables, and Organization Charts to diagram the organization structure of your resources.

Customize each with distinguishing box shapes and information sets, and add progress indicators, drop shadows, colors, and individualized box positioning and roll-up.

On the PERT chart, reveal link direction, link type, criticality and WBS relationships. Limit display to selected or rolled-up items.

Arrange with or without time-scaling, vertical centering, and choose diagonal or straight links.

Flexible Reporting.

With true WYSIWYG reporting, you always know that the information and look you have tailored for a view is also available as a report. Every view is its own dynamic report generator, and you can customize and save unlimited layouts. Control chart appearance, column titles and widths, fonts, headers, footers, legends, margins and more.

"Zoom" the size for every view incrementally from the tool bar, and imbed OLE graphic objects onto Gantt charts.

When printing, auto-scale to fit a single page or desired pages, or scale to a percentage. Use page preview to visualize final output.

Use the Form Report Engine banded report writer to create custom free-form reports that can place CA-SuperProject data, data from other sources, custom text, computed fields, lines, boxes and bitmaps anywhere on the page. Use or modify the sample form reports and create your own.

Plan Realistically.

CA-SuperProject's advanced and flexible scheduling lets you model your projects with real-world accuracy. Use true Effort-driven tasks, Span, Workday, Resource, and Elapsed-driven tasks, ASAP and ALAP tasks, milestones, flexible date constraints, large capacities, mixed duration units, to-the-minute scheduling and PERT probability analysis.

Design a WBS depth of up to 30 levels, customize the Work Breakdown Code, use flexible precedence links including heading links, ladder networks and negative lag. Calculate forwards or backwards with powerful options and diagnostic messages, and easily distinguish and manage critical items.

Schedule Resources Effectively.

Successful projects require the effective management of resources and costs.

Define resource availability with precision using a date table to vary available regular hours, overtime hours and shifts. Further define availability with a flexible Project Calendar and a separate Resource Calendar per resource group and resource. Indicate full holidays, short or long days, and work on weekends or project holidays. Define group resources and plan for variable availability such as seasonal hiring.

Schedule work realistically by assigning resources to tasks with full or partial allocations using either a percentage per day or hours per day. Assign for the full duration of the task or a specified limit of hours, and use resource efficiency factors and prioritized overtime scheduling.

Resolve Resource Conflicts.

Easily discover and efficiently resolve resource overscheduling and underscheduling.

Resolve scheduling conflicts automatically with sophisticated resource leveling that has been demonstrated by independent testing to be the most efficient.

Fine-tune the leveling process to meet your own objectives. Level completely or partially, use priorities to schedule more important commitments first, let higher priority items interrupt others, allow various leveling exemptions, designate up to 1,000 priority levels by assignment, task, heading or project and level across multiple projects.

Schedule and manage the production and consumption of materials. Chart the levels of material production, consumption and inventory and use leveling to delay assignments until inventory is available.

Stay In-Budget.

Stay on top of your budget with complete and flexible cost estimating, tracking and charting. Define resource default rates, overtime rates and accrual methods. Vary rates over time and override them per assignment. Distribute costs to cost accounts, factor in overhead costs, chart costs over time and measure cost/schedule performance.

Know the regular, overtime, variable, overhead, fixed and total costs per assignment with totals per task, work breakdown level, resource, resource group, account, account heading and project.

Stay On-Time.

With CA SuperProject, you can keep projects on schedule by managing changes as they occur.

Track progress easily with assignments organized in the outlines by task, resource, date or account. Import status data or supply it automatically with a click on the convenient Update forms. Collect progress data any time yet delay posting it to the project until the best time.

Transfer current dates, hours and costs to your choice of three baselines for multiple "what if" and progress comparisons.

Know the scheduled, actual, remaining and baseline data at all times, and reschedule all remaining work with complete accuracy.

Manage Multiple Projects.

CA-SuperProject provides the tools to let you coordinate schedules and resources among multiple projects.

Command the full multiproject picture instantly by combining project views together into a single Task Outline, PERT and WBS Chart. Edit projects, do summary roll-ups and report from these combined views, including diagrams of their inter-project relationships.

Effectively manage shared resources. Discover, chart, report and adjust their availability, effort and costs across projects. Use CA-SuperProject's unique cross-project integrated views to visualize and manage all assignments for a resource complete with Gantt bars, resource histograms, data details, summary totals and calendars. Automatically update calendars and other resource data.

Represent entire projects as tasks in other projects for interrelated calculation and multiproject summary reporting.

Accurately schedule projects that have task level handoffs or dependencies with other projects. Create cross-project task dependencies and see them diagrammed on charts. Use full link types and full inter-project calculations.

Be Connected.

As an OLE 2.0 server, use other programs to automate CA-SuperProject. As a client, imbed OLE objects to tasks, resources and assignments. Use DDE as a client or server to control or access CA-SuperProject functionality and data or to paste links to or from CA-SuperProject fields.

Flexible import and export facilities allow connectivity with other tools. Formats include CSV, dBase, CA-SuperCalc,, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel and MPX. Export project data with full control of selection and sorting. Update progress data by importing.

"The enhanced Microsoft MPX support makes it easier for us to deploy a standardized program management system worldwide, based on CA-SuperProject, to our Information Services customers "

Don Dyer
Manager, Information Services Program Quality Office
UNISYS Corporation

ODBC support allows exporting to and importing from a database of choice, allowing external programs to update project data. Store multiproject data into a single relational database repository for ultimate cross-project analysis and reporting.

An extended BASIC development language lets you create simple macros or full applications. Automate tasks, retrieve data from CA-SuperProject or other applications and analyze, manipulate or act upon the data. Create custom dialogs, menus, charts and spreadsheets with ease. Run macros or applications from menus or assign them to keys.

Protect project data with multiple-level, function-oriented password security. Control which projects and menus are accessible, and which fields are visible or editable.

The Power For Success.

Computer Associates is dedicated to delivering the latest technology to help you succeed throughout your business.

CA-SuperProject brings you the power for successful project management!

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© 1995, 1996 Computer Associates International, Inc., One Computer Associates Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788-7000.


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